The mission of ourFOUNDATION is simple: We want to create better conditions and a safe childhood for orphans.

To achieve this, we aim towards raising the capital that is needed to ensure, that vulnerable, orphaned children and adolescents have a safe home as a prerequisite for creating the life they each dream of. We are determined to fulfil this mission and we intend to do it in close and devoted collaboration with SOS Children’s Village and everyone, who wants to be part of a meaningful cause.

More than 2,6 million children in Tanzania – equivalent to almost half of the population of Denmark – grow up alone without parents to take care of them. Aside from that, many of the children also don’t have access to food and other basic necessities. This is often a result of disease and extreme poverty. These living conditions are unacceptable for anyone, but sometimes the problems seem so far away that we unfortunately forget to recognize them.

Nonetheless, all children deserve a loving childhood and a life with care, education, co-determination and adventures all entrenched in a loving, healthy family. A safe childhood is not only a human right: It creates a solid foundation for a good future and adult life. This is exactly the foundation that ourFOUNDATION is working to ensure.

For ourFOUNDATION all donations and contributions matter. With a donation you can among others fund a meal, activities, education and proper medical help.