ourFOUNDATION works with SOS Children’s Villages - who, as one of the worlds largest private children’s organizations, have helped vulnerable children and adolescents worldwide since 1949. In decades their work has evolved around the SOS Children’s Villages, but the last couple of years their support and caretaking systems have spread throughout the adjacent local communities. Today the SOS Children’s Villages is working proactively and targeted towards ensuring that vulnerable children do not lose parental care and is enrolled in school. The SOS Children’s Villages is also distributing emergency help for people, who is afflicted by war and catastrophes. Furthermore, the organization works close with important partners to globally facilitate children’s rights.

The entire ourFOUNDATION project is developed along with experts from SOS Children’s Villages. It is, furthermore, the local laborers that work in close collaboration with the SOS Children’s Villages, that ensures, that all donations cover the most important short- and long-term needs of the children’s village.

All donations go directly to the SOS Children’s Villages who makes sure, that the funds are used on the exact project, that you have contributed to.