ourFOUNDATION is you and I – and everyone who wants to help ensuring that vulnerable and orphaned children have a safe life with love and support in a family, education and basic necessities like food, medical help and medicine.

The international conglomerate Lyne & Lindberg Group has taken the step and established ourFOUNDATION in January 2020. In collaboration with dedicated, relevant partners and private individuals it is our aim to raise the capital needed to support all the children in an entire SOS Children’s Village.

“The decision of founding a charity fond focusing on creating better terms for children was simple”, Martin Lyne, CEO of Lyne & Lindberg Group says.

”Imagine if I got sick or in other ways lost the ability to take care of my children. That is one of my biggest fears in life. Who would take care of my children – will they be neglected or get the love and attention they deserve?” Martin Lyne expresses.  

Terrible, unacceptable living conditions is unfortunately the tough reality for numerous children, and this is what ourFOUNDATION is hoping to prevent from happening.

Lyne & Lindberg Group has often supported and donated to charity but felt like the contribution did not have the desired effect that they were hoping for. Sometimes it even felt like pouring money down the drain because the results weren’t visible.

By helping a ‘children’s village’ the results are more perceptible and furthermore, it is possible to share the wonderful stories about the children – knowing that these are the particular children that we’ve all been helping together.


Visible and perceptible results are also mainly the reason why a specific children’s village has been selected for ourFOUNDATION to support.

The SOS Children’s Village is located in the island of Unguja, also known as Zanzibar in Tanzania. Tanzania is one of SOS Children’s Villages priority countries as it is one of the places, where the children are in severe need of help. There are about 1,3 million people living on the island of which approximately half of them live beneath the poverty line of 1,90$ pr. day. The SOS Children’s Village is currently sheltering 112 children and nine adolescents who live in 13 different families. ourFOUNDATION has made it its mission to change the life of these children and the families they are enrolled in. 

Meal for meal, pen for pen, sock for sock the foundation covers all possible needs to create a good, healthy, safe life for the children.

Lyne & Lindberg Group has involved a huge network of people, consisting of prominent clients and private individuals on every level as well as influencers, as part of ourFOUNDATION. They contribute by gathering funds for the children in the SOS Children’s Village at Zanzibar by using their reach to share a good cause and generate attention towards the foundation.