No poverty for no children

One of the terrible and alarming threats for the children living in the SOS Children’s Village in Zanzibar is poverty. More than half of Zanzibar’s population is under 18 years old, and about 55.000 of the children are orphans. Furthermore, approximately half of population lives for less than 1,90$ per day, which is beneath the poverty line. These are all devastating numbers and a devastating reality which is why participating in the battle of abolishing extreme poverty matters and is a priority to ourFOUNDATION.  We strive to make a difference by supporting SOS- children and families, to ensure they have access to basic and fundamental necessities.

The power of mothers

All these vulnerable children are connected to families where there is a SOS mother attached – or as we like to call them: power mothers – strong women who has dedicated their lives to become a SOS-mother for children living in unsafe, precarious conditions. These brilliant power mothers are helping with establishing a steady and safer environment for the children throughout their childhood. They put in such great efforts to make a loving, supporting home for the children – and for that, they will forever have our deepest respect and admiration.

Hero of every second, hour and day

One of the children named Yassin lives in the SOS Children Village in Zanzibar. He is enrolled with a SOS mother: her name is Riziki Ameir Kombi. Riziki takes care of him every day and makes sure that he feels safe, surrounded and included. Yassin has in his early years been neglected, which means that his language is underdeveloped and actually almost non-existing. Both mama Riziki and Yassin’s SOS siblings are involving him in their daily activities and duties – in this way, he is exposed to playing, talking and interacting with other children and adolescents every day. He still doesn’t have the best vocabulary, but he is developing fast. This is purely a result of mama Rizikis help and support.

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