Discrimination of none

Even though the year says 2020, discrimination and inequality are still to be found in several countries worldwide – including the island of Zanzibar. Too many children are affected by discriminatory concerns such as race, gender, sex, religion and we could go on. Apart from that, the children that are suffering from a lack of parental care are at high risk of being deprived of their rights to education, healthcare and protection. They have no one to guide them.

As an attempt to ensure that the children learn about their human rights, SOS Children’s Village has put a lot of effort into educational care. It’s important that the children are properly informed, so they have the best opportunities to get help if they ever feel mistreated. They also teach the children the difference between right and wrong behavior towards other people. Furthermore, the children are taught to fend and handle conflicts in a constructive way, respecting other people – which is probably the most important matter in fighting inequality. Altruism needs to be the foundation for building a healthy, efficient society.

No one deserves to suffer from discrimination which is why the matter of battling these conditions is serious. ourFOUNDATION’s aim is to ensure that more children get equal opportunities and are aware of their rights.

Celebrate your beautiful self

To maintain a world where there is room for all our differences and where individuality is celebrated and not criticized, is necessary. That’s why fighting discrimination in all its forms is an important matter to ourFOUNDATION and the people behind. Most people have lots of different opinions about what makes other people beautiful, but uniqueness is not a defined notion and shouldn’t be either.

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