Awareness is the word

All around the world, and unfortunately also on the outstanding island of Zanzibar, violence, torture and mistreating of children are still big issues. Violence has a significant impact on every child’s development, well-being and psychic state of mind. Furthermore, intimacy issues, developing troubles and deficient relations with other people can be some of the consequences of a violent childhood. Their experience with violence leaves its marks and most likely reflects on their behavior.

There has been a lacking awareness around this important subject even though it is the reason for severe, damaging problems and consequences for both the child and the society.

Together with the SOS Children’s Village, ourFOUNDATION has established family programs and school projects that teach adults not to practice violence against children. The aim with the various projects is to provide support and justice for the children who have experienced violence or other mistreatments. ourFOUNDATION is active in the battle of making institutions transparent and especially focusing on important matters like responsibility and inclusion. Institutional procedures should be monitored so it is ensured that no children are neglected nor violated. ourFOUNDATION is dedicated in promoting safety and justice for these children.

We do not tolerate any kind of violence, and no child should suffer under these circumstances.

That’s the goal and that’s the motto.

13 families, 112 children

In the SOS Children’s Village near Stone Town, there is currently living 112 children in 13 different families. The SOS mothers of the families place their full focus on caretaking, educational and psychosocial support. The intention of providing the children with safe homes, SOS mothers and siblings, is to fetch them into an environment where there is no fear, only kindness. This should be a steppingstone towards a strong and healthy future. ourFOUNDATION is aiming for teaching the children to pass on altruism. Commitment is key and these formerly neglected children need to experience what it means to be safe.

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