Everyone has rights, right?

Education is key and the quality of education is a human right that everyone should have despite demographical and social differences. For a fact, this is a significant part of ourFOUNDATION’s entire belief system.

The society on Zanzibar is currently struggling with getting children to attend and complete school – not because the school system itself doesn’t work, but because it comes with expenses that most children are unable to obtain such as school uniforms, books and pencils. This is an obstacle that prevents some children from even going to school, and some of them to drop out without completing. Approximately 71% of all children on Zanzibar complete school enrolment and only 26% of them finish the intermediate stage and matriculation. This prevents both the children’s development and the society’s ability to achieve sustainable growth.

School is cool

Education in all its forms is contributing to the mental and social skills of a child, which is why it is such an important factor in the early years of development. There is a significant school on Zanzibar that offers teaching, but it still has its challenges – we want to help fix these challenges.

Both regarding the optimization and the improvement of the physical surroundings at the school but also helping the children to get the right equipment that the education requires.

A lot of these children have dreams and goals, and for some of them going to school is one of them. Thus, it is in our interest to help them achieve these goals – or as an absolute minimum, help them create a steppingstone towards their future. Education is one of the most powerful sources to do this.

Everyone has a right to get a quality education.

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