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ourFOUNDATION has made it one of its key issues to participate in the battle of ensuring decent work and economic growth in Tanzania – here including Zanzibar. This matter is pursued in connection to supporting education and schooling of children and adolescents. In addition to that, all ongoing projects in the SOS Children’s Village are maintained by local workers which supports the economic flow and growth. We wish to make it part of our agenda to ensure that everyone who has the desire can find decent work within the country.

ourFOUNDATION supports the children and young people with developing the acquired skills needed to be on the labour market.

I want to be pilot, thank you

Let us introduce you to a story.

When SOS-ambassador Mathilde Brandi and Jo Hanna went to visit the SOS Children’s Village on Zanzibar, they had the opportunity to meet with the children and talk with them about their dreams and hopes – and about what they want to do with their future. Some of the children even created fascinating drawings of some of their dreams for the future, and in that connection: meet Alfred.

Alfred is one of the SOS children that is enrolled with an SOS mother and currently living in the Children’s Village. He drew his biggest dream on a piece of paper with the note “I want to be pilot, thank you.”

Children like Alfred is one of the primary reasons that ourFOUNDATION wants to make a difference. Just a simple drawing is an empowering and motivating element when working with these children. They have dreams, hopes, goals and trust in their future – just as any other child around the world. And as any other child, they should be able to have the possibility to achieve them. By supporting children and adolescents in developing self-confidence and offering them internships through innovative partnerships, we hope to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the country.

Alfred is an outstanding inspiration and actually such a big one, that the graphic designers at Lyne & Lindberg Group has decided to use his drawing and transform it into posters in variable sizes and forms, as well as printing it on t-shirts, postcards and much more.

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